Boat building, how to build your own, years of offshore sailing and long distance cruising experiences. Steve, Did you ever develop a fiberglass dodger kit with the same design as this aluminum one? Really like the lines of this dodger, but being on a fiberglass boat, glass makes more sense for me. Hi Steve How can i contact you? Hi Kevin Sorry Im way late in replying I have not been notified of any activity on this blog so only found this request by chance steve.

You never want to be looking anywhere but local for a roof repair gainesville georgia. I have never thought about getting a warranty for the roof. Post a Comment.

Friday, 7 January Hard dodger Sail boat pilot house. Aluminium kit setassembled and installed by owner.

sailboat dodger kits

This dodger was designed as a kit set so that it could be reduced in size and crated to a remote port. The owner assembled and with very minor trimming of bottom edge he installed on this John Pugh "Moonwind" steel. Posted by Steve Marshall at Labels: Aluminium hard dodger kit set.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Links Kelsall Catamarans. Aluminium kit sOh man! I love these kinds of DIY projects. Wonderful write-up and terrific photos. Thank you so much for posting! Several years ago I bought a Lancer I'd never had a boat with a dodger, so thought it might be a good project to tackle.

I've seen a few nice looking boats spoiled by ugly canvas work, so my aim was to combine grace with function, and finish with something that added to the boat's beauty, rather than detracting from it. Like most new things I make, trial runs preceded the actual cutting of bought materials.

The frame was mocked up from brazed together old electrical conduit, and inexpensive plastic hardware used to attach it to the boat. The paper can be creased, folded and taped to the desired shape.

Neatness doesn't count here, just getting a tight, wrinkle-free form. Using a felt pen, the panel seams were outlined, as were the proposed windows. This whole paper mockup was then carefully lifted off the conduit frame and taken home to be cut up for patterns. Drilling a hole in the concrete for the main pivot pin really helped to make it manageable.

The plywood curve bending jig was also fastened to the floor. The tubes were filled with fine sand, tamped, and corked, to prevent kinking.

Tubes were greased to ease passage around the bending jig.

sailboat dodger kits

I laid out the patterns on the Sunbrella and duplicated the original canvas cover. The job was a lot neater and easier the second time around, having made a prototype first. Grommets were installed to run the traveler lines through, and the mainsheet was re-routed forward along the boom, down the mast, and back over the center of the coach roof and through another grommet to a cam cleat. The whole process took many happy hours, and dozens of trips to the marina. I can only hope to attain such a high standard, but in the meantime I can enjoy sailing in comfort and shelter Posted by Mostly About Boats.

Anonymous March 21, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Looking for a little more protection from the elements onboard my NajadPanthalassaI built a hard dodger for her.

It turned out to be one of the best additions I ever made to my boat in terms of comfort and convenience. The hard dodger helped me stay warmer and dryer than my previous soft dodger would have allowed during my trips up and down the Eastern Seaboard from Cape Cod down to Miami and into the Bahamas and Caribbean. The additional protection of the hard dodger provided dry space for my laptop, which I use for navigation in most coastal conditions.

This, in turn, allows me to forego the need for an electronic chartplotter in the cockpit, even when cruising offshore. It also keeps the companionway dry at anchor and at sea in all but the most severe weather. That said, it was far and away the most underestimated project I have undertaken in terms of time needed, so be forewarned: this project is one that is best conquered during the off season, when you have some time.

If, however, you are a serious cruiser and prefer comfort and protection from the elements over the notion of the wind in your hair then this is a project for you. A good time to consider this project is when your old canvas dodger needs to be replaced—a difficult job for most do-it-yourselfers that requires sewing skills and a proper sewing machine. For me, the hard dodger project took more than just a few days, and I suppose it will for most cruisers if any sort of aesthetic accomplishment is expected.

No special skills or tools are required, and the materials needed were not that expensive, at least by marine standards. Custom options such as opening windows or hatches in the dodger are a very nice feature, but only add to the cost and complexity of the project. For me, the most important tool required was patience.

The build process for this job begins with creating a cardboard prototype, which will be used to develop templates. There are certain things you need to take into consideration when determining the height of the dodger.

sailboat dodger kits

You will not want it obstructing your view from the helm. Also think about the location of stereo speaker boxes, power and USB outlets, reading lights, shelves, hooks, grab rails, small solar panels, antennae mounts and permanent and opening windows. An opening window or a hatch on centerline will significantly improve ventilation in the cockpit.

Also, make sure that you allow enough room for operation of all winches and rope clutches. Use tape, monofilament line or metal wire to assemble the cardboard panels. When designing the dodger, it is best to avoid flat surfaces, especially horizontal surfaces. Panel curvature will contribute to strength and stiffness. Same thing with any shelf, box or perimeter reinforcements.

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Rounded and beefed-up outward edges will also provide stronger handholds and will help the rain run off faster. Final touches on the dodger are in place, such as speakers, lights and power outlets.They then incorporate these characteristics into the dodger so that it compliments the beauty of a sailboat.

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We feel strongly that a canvas dodger should become an element of good design, a work of art, an asset to your boats appearance. Our attention to the dodger's aesthetic detail is harmonized with it's functional requirements to assure a balanced design that adds style, comfort, and safety to your boat.

We do not provide repair services or custom made canvas accessories.

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We only manufacture our products and customize them to fit on your sailboat. Is your sailboat located outside of our local coverage area? No problem Iverson's design team travels. We service Washington, Oregon, and California.

Should you buy a Sailrite Sewing Machine? Ep.42

We can also travel to other locations as well. If your sailboat is located on the east coast or Alaska and you are affiliated with a yacht club or another type of sailboat organization, find out if others in your club, marina or association are looking to get a new dodger.

Learn more California customers! If your sailboat is located anywhere in California, contact us to learn how you can get an Iverson's dodger. Bring your boat to our docks in Olympia to get outfitted with a new Iverson's dodger or other canvas work. Simply drop your boat off one weekend and pick it up the next weekend! There are many things to do and see within walking distance of our docks; great restaurants, farmers market, antique shops, art galleries, quilting shops, etc.

Also, within walking distance is a full service boat yard just south of our docks where you can coordinate to have other work done while you are here, making it a "one stop shop". We will also be at the San Diego Boat Show.

We really enjoy participating in these shows because it gives us the rare opportunity to reconnect with many of our previous clients.

Through their continual compliments to the quality and design of our canvas dodger's, it is reassuring to know that we are providing a product that is enhancing our clients sailing experiences in the northwest and beyond. Check out our interactive Build-A-Dodger Frame! A tool that helps you conceptualize how you can equip your new dodger frame.

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We offer many options to help equip your canvas dodger for offshore use. With a few simple measurements we can fabricate a quality Iverson's dodger frame equipped with our optional grab rail sets and ship it directly to you. A great option for those of you located outside of our coverage area.

Check out our interactive Build-A-Dodger Canvas color combinations tool! A tool that helps you conceptualize a color scheme for your new canvas dodger. We offer a large variety of color choices in acrylic canvas, binding, and chafe gear. Have fun!

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For a complete list of colors take a look at the canvas color chart. Frequently Asked Questions. The Iverson's i-Top canvas dodger is a proprietary design protected by law that has received 11 international awards for its excellence in craftsmanship and overall design. Our mission is to provide our clients with a quality brand product that is distinctly unique and detailed, unparalleled by any other.

Each canvas dodger is manufactured using durable materials to ensure structural integrity and years of performance. The "Road Crew" at Iverson's is on the go, constructing dodgers on sailboats of all makes and styles between Portland, Oregon and Anacortes, Washington. Once Iverson's begins the canvas dodger construction it can be completed in as little as 7 days.

Learn MoreSail Cover Measurement Form. A bimini for your sail boat is the perfect protection against the elements; wind, rain, sun or mosquitoes.

Be comfortable in your yacht at anytime, anywhere. Hallett dodgers are carefully built ensuring structural integrity as well as years of performance. Dodgers will add the comfort, protection and style to your boat. Custom design your own dodger or see our dodger design page for some potential options that fit you and your sailboat. Dodger Order Form. Get out of the sun for the afternoon.

This cover protects the cockpit from light rain and sun without the use of bows. Awnings can also help ventilate your boat in an array of weather conditions allowing hatches and companionways to be open and covered from rain or sun. It is easy to use, just zip the front to the dodger and insert an awning pole in the back and your done! All awnings are made using the finest outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Stamoid and more.

All sails should be protected from U. Interior Luxury Foam including EZ Dry, Quality fabrics and construction will make your boat worth living on for years to come. Winter Covers We can build covers for any custom projects. We will work around special rigging or unique designs to bring it all together for the perfectly finished look. Many times the up front cost of a winter cover is substantially high, however if you keep your boat for more than three to five years the cost becomes much lower than shrink wrapping.

Also the quality and functionality of the cover is much greater than the standard blue and green polyethylene tarps. A quality winter cover is important in preserving your upholstery from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. Now using more and more, the H2ube frame for sturdy, easy use, easy to clean covers. Sail boat enclosures.

Our custom fit sail boat enclosures allow boaters to use the outdoor space in all weather and get full use of boat. This in turn can also lengthen the boating season all together allowing you to launch earlier in the spring and to stay warm on a beautiful late fall evening sail. Enclosures are designed to provide maximum visibility built with Strata Glass, Makrolon Polycarbonate or Crystal Clear glass while using Sunbrella or Stamoid for the panels. Hallett can design and fabricate any in-house custom upholstery or canvas work that you may need.

Some of these projects include, winch covers, helm covers, mooring covers, fender covers, boom tents, wheel covers, hatch covers and much more. You tell us what you would like and we will go the extra mile to meet your needs. Hallett Canvas produces the very best cruising sails, racing sails, sailboat canvas, powerboat canvas, commercial canvas and sail rigging products in Maine.

About Us Directions Contact Us. Frames fabricated by our Trademark, Patented H2ube or the option of the stainless steel tubing. Dodger Order Form Awnings Get out of the sun for the afternoon. Sail Covers All sails should be protected from U. Standard Sail Cover We provide a front zipper, vinyl protection for winches or cleats and twist snaps for easy on and off.You might call it expertise or experience, but at Genco we simply think of it as being dedicated to our craft. Our robust Natty Dodgers are built to last, by master craftsman.

On premises. Request a quote today or stop by one of our locations to discuss how we can help you. We look forward to working with you and meeting your boating needs. Our Biminis and Enclosures share the same long history as our Dodgers.

Sincethousands of uncompromising boaters have made Genco a premiere choice for biminis and enclosures. Although we have seen styles and designs come and go over the years, at Genco we still use the same Sunbrella for all of our boat covers. Each of our high quality covers is produced from rugged, coloufast Sunbrella and features stainless steel framework, fittings and fasteners with YKK zippers.

The result is a high quality product that will provide you with years of comfort and protection.

How to Build a Hard-top Dodger

Whether your boat has been part of the family for years or you have recently acquired one of the latest designs, at Genco we have your bimini and enclosure needs covered.

We offer an extensive list of patterns and templates for a wide variety of boats.

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Each year we expand that catalog as we develop new designs based on new boat models. Protective Clothing Accessories. Our Natty Dodgers are built to stand the test of time. Send us a message to receive your quote today! Contact Us.Sailboat Products ShipShape specializes in marine canvas and upholstery. Please consider our products:.

Frame-less Winter Covers Give up your shrink wrap and choose a ShipShape frame-less winter cover for your sailboat. Built with rugged construction and materials this cover is a simple and economical way to protect your investment. With a helper it can be easily installed in just a couple of hours.

Utilizing the boom and a forward strut there are minimal components to manage, making for a simple and straight-forward solution! Canvas Dodgers Sailboat dodgers are important to sailors.

Sailboat Products

They provide the helmsman and crew protection from the elements. We take the time with each customer to ensure that no design details are overlooked. Your attractive and well built dodger will provide you many years of comfort and enjoyment.

Hard Dodgers For the ultimate climate protection, ShipShape has teamed with Florida based Lippincott to provide you with a custom, hardtop dodger. Custom finished to your specifications, you will enjoy years of comfort and enjoyment. Biminis Biminis provide you with protection from the rain and the sun.

sailboat dodger kits

They endure the elements while protecting the sailors underneath. Biminis are widely recognized as one of the most effective means to protect your skin from the cumulative effects of the sun's harmful UV rays.

Boat Canvas ShipShape is a full service canvas shop.

Dodgers, Biminis & Enclosures

We offer Lake Superior boaters custom canvas design, installation, and repairs. If it is sewn and used on a boat, we can make it. Click here to see more examples of other products we offer including sail covers, weather cloths, wheel covers, hand rail covers, and more! Sail and Canvas Repair Being sailors ourselves we understand the importance of having quick turn around on sail repairs. We will make our best effort to get you back on the water as soon as possible.

Consider having your sails serviced on a regular basis in the off-season. It will help catch any small problems before they become big problems.

We will lay out your sail and check for any wear or damage, and can coordinate cleaning if necessary. Finally we flake your sail so it is ready to go for next season. Boat Upholstery Upholstery work is often the finishing touch on your project. We use high grade foams, fabrics, and threads to provide you with the quality and durability you deserve.

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