Read more about Hanse Yachts. As one of the largest builders of production yachts in Europe, Hanse combines the tradition of superb craftsmanship with modern techniques and materials.

Hanse, with models in various sizes, from the practical up to the very elegant Hanse offers some of the fastest designs. They have an enduring personal and professional relationship with Hanse Yachts.

On test: Hanse 575 - Yachting World

Their innovative design approach has resulted in yachts that bring unique performance advantages in beating upwind, reaching and gliding downwind. This means that Hanse yachts guarantee a high level of fun and speed. For years now, Hanse has been a trendsetter in simplifying sailing and making it faster.

Hanse always stands for innovative design and continuous development of cruising sail boats. The hull shapes are developed with focus on performance and comfort. This reflects in the vertically designed bow and stern of all Hanse yachts, a feature that allows them to achieve a very long waterline and consequently a significantly increased hull speed. The sail-plan is also optimised. The mast is positioned further to aft, resulting in a larger surface of the self-tacking jib, which benefits performance in light winds.

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The surface areas of the main sail and jib are very well balanced and that translates into a balanced sailing performance. Hanse yachts stay very neutral in steering under sails. They can stand more heeling, allowing the reefing to be postponed for even stronger winds. Naturally, a fast-sailing yacht is not complete without quality sails aimed at performance. Sailing Hanse yachts is incredibly easy thanks to the self-tacking jib and the fact that all the halyards, extensors and sheets are led to the helmsman position.

Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or even singlehandedly. How large a crew do you actually need on a Hanse yacht? If you feel like it, you can sail it all by yourself.

In addition to great sailing performance, Hanse places great importance on simplified handling of their yachts. They call this concept Easy Sailing and Hanse is way ahead of the competition regarding this aspect of sailing.

Hanse yachts are equipped with an integrated self-tacking jib and that allows fast single-handed tacking without cranking. This truly deserves to be called easy sailing! Running of all halyards, sheets and cunninghams directly to the helmsman is also unique in its class. This enables the helmsman to manoeuvre the boat under sails all by himself from astern — even in stronger winds when a deep keel provides a high level of stability.

We are not talking only about sheeting in and slackening of sails, but also setting or reducing sails. All this can be done easily from the wheel. Hanse also typically uses the double-sided main sheet system which can usually be seen on large ocean going racing yachts.

Beneteau or Hanse?

As all the sail controls are led to the helmsman, the upper deck remains completely free of winches and clamps while the cockpit is not cluttered by a main sheet lead. The easy handling is not reserved only for sailing.

A vast selection of options, layouts, colours, fabrics, wood and floorings makes every Hanse yacht a unique creation. The Hanse Individual Cabin Concept is unique in serial yacht production!

Hanse offers you a selection of colours for the hulls gelcoat and water line. For those who choose to have a lacquered hull surface instead of gelcoat, the range of colour design is almost limitless. With Hanse it is a bit like with an interior design studio, you can design your very own yacht that suits your individual needs. Choose from multiple cabin layout combinations, optional equipment, a multitude of types of wood for furniture and flooring and a broad range of fabrics and colours.

The choices can be combined in more than 1, ways. As it has been confirmed by numerous awards, the Hanse brand is known for innovative design of the exterior and interior of its yachts.Hi Christian. From my perspective note all below is purely my opinion for what it is worth!

I wanted to cruise and race a little though so bare that in mind. Anyway I was always under the impression that the markets view on quality went something like Bavaria, Jeanneau, Beneteau, and then Hanse, clearly these are some of, if not, the largest production boats out there. This is pretty much what I still think but I think the lines between the latter three start to blur on a few fronts.

But what I think is important to understand, get your head around, or make a decision on, is what value each manufacturer places on different components of the boat.

To my mind though this is changeable and will evolve as and when I choose, the rig will be changed every 10 years anyway but the hull is a much bigger investment.

So where the lines blur, Beneteau seem to be the most accomplished production builders getting more right the first time, a function of having be doing it on that scale for longer IMHO! Hanses are hands down the better boats for sailing. Bavaria are best for proving just how much molded plastic can be put on a boat!!!

On the charter market, note how many Hanses are out there for charter, very very few by comparison. The vast majority are owner occupied so to speak.

So re your question on living aboard. We live on Ghost a e at the moment and love it, we love to sail and indeed intend to sail her to Australia so sailing is high on our list.

The cabins are really no different to other boats but the high topsides mean more room below. The saloon is great lots of airy space, modern. New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Me and my girlfriend are considering buying a boat for living aboard. Thank you for the quick response! I have read this thread and found it interesting.

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The thing is that it discusses Hunter and some Dufour issues, but not Jeanneau, which is a closer competitor in my eyes. When we bought our boat we looked at Jeanneau. We chose Hanse because 1. You are right about the design, both the exterior and interior of the Hanse is not only more aesthetic, but also more modern than that of the Jeanneau, which looks very s. Both me and the old lady agree on this. Also, when it comes to functional design, we have a feeling that the slightly smaller storage compartments of the Hanse will still suffice for our needs.

What about tumble-dryers? I understand that the freezer mentioned in the other thread is now something which I could get as an option. What about extra large septic tank and water tank, is that something anyone on this forum has experience of building or ordering?

Lastly, the build quality This is the toughest part for a guy like me with limited knowledge. The sandwich hull of the Hanse is of course very attractive, but on the other hand; I am told that the Jeanneau has a just-as-good carbon-fibre reinforced hull on their larger and more modern boats.Download it here.

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hanse vs beneteau

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Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Hanse is better built but there are other factors. Jan 22, Beneteau 46 Georgetown YB. She felt interior was not inviting or homelike at all. The whole Euro look thing was too spartan and not for her. I look more at the exterior lines myself, and I was especially turned off by the blunt bow of the Hanse.Download it here.

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Beneteau or Hanse? Thread starter hearthstone1 Start date Jan 8, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Nov 22, 33 -. I'm new to sailing and expect to buy a 31 to 35 ft. I've narrowed my choice to manufacturers, Beneteau and Hanse. I would be sailing mostly by myself so ease of handling and easy access to the lines is important.

So far I've been leaning towards the new Beneteau 34, but I would like your imput. Thanks for your time. Tim R. Need more info for starts: Where is your primary sailing area? Coastal or offshore cruising? Why not buy used? Why ft? I have a little experience with Bene's while chartering.

We generally did not like the Bene but we have different needs than what these boats were built for. Never sailed a Hanse so I cannot compare. I believe you can charter them also with some companies.Looking for a cruising boat in the ish foot range, about 10 years or so old.

I have seen these three, and have liked the use of space, both above and below deck. A link to the boats you're looking at would help. There's a lot of boats out there by those three.

What's wrong with a swan 47? If they have any vice it is that they are a little slow downwind but at least they don't slam. What kind of cruising? Without that info all posted here is crap.

Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

Well it's all crap but sometimes informed crap. Interior volume is based on IOR constraints. What I would like is more interior volume and perhaps, ahem, more modern accommodations. Bigger "living room" - I slept in the pilot berths arguably the best spot on that vintage Swanbut it was in the "living room". I'd like a separate cabin for other s to sleep in. Purpose: place to be during the off hurricane season during retirement. Take my time to go south from CA, through Mexico, S.

Crew: Shorthanded, 2 or 3. Have fairly large pool of long time ocean crew to draw from, and they can, with scheduling, make it. If I am retired, I'm flexible and I know the ropes been on the other side for years. I am totally aware of the abilities, capabilities and realities of what that is like. Schedule: Off hurricane season. It will be retirement, so time and place is totally relative, until hurricane season is on the horizon. Budget: The boats posted are all within budget, and I have the experience and ability to afford the "once you get there's" and the "realities" of owning a boat.

As I posted above, the Swan was, and is, an amazing boat that has taken me and the owner all over the world in all types of imaginable conditions. I am looking to get a more modern interior in a reasonably affordable package.

If the boats I mentioned are not 'up to snuff', I am totally fine with a 's Swan 47, just looking for a more modern layout. I just get it. Looking for info on the boats I have looked at. Whilst quite a few people have done that in Bennys, etc they aren't always the names that come up when considering serious offshore heavy-weather yachts.

Increased volume below and in the cockpit isn't always a good idea - further to fall how do I know? The French boats are better at that than any Swan.

Sure the Swans were built better. My was fabulous but trying to negotiate the near vertical entry was a bitch with bags of groceries. That gets old quickly. I didn't even think twice about the entry.

Yeah, I think I have calluses from the companionway and its mini dodger. When we starting boat shopping I asked my surveyor about DuFours. He said he would not go near one due to poor construction.I want to buy my first sailboat and I came to the conclusion that Hanse sailboats are really good ships. This is the wrong place to ask such a question. All on here are Hanse devotees. I went arouond a at last years Hamburg Boat Show and thought it a very nice boat for its size.

Well priced too. However, a new 32' Sun Odyssey has just moved onto our pontoon at my local marina and I am very impressed by the finish. Very nice looking boat. I emphasize that I have not sailed her or asked the owner how much she was she has a lot of 'extras' but I will first time we have a whisky or two together. Go to the shows and make your choice based on your needs. There's no such a cool forum for beneteau or jeanneau owners.

There is also a brand new Bavaria 32 in my marina.

Live aboard, Hanse vs Jeanneau

Also looks very nice on the outside I haven't been below decks. If I was after performance I would look seriously at the new Bavaria 'Match' series. Races it regularly. It was also, as most things in life, a compromise. You say quality of the 'stock' sails are important.

hanse vs beneteau

I can only say that mine Doyle are rubbish. Others on MyHanse also have commented on the sails. North I think. Guess you don't have to take the stock sails - order something better. On yacht. Maybe you should search for Bavaria 32 or just ask RalfT about his experiance about a new Bavaria He is now a happy owner of a !!!! Beside all the emotional arguments for Hanse there was also the second hand market for Hanse which was also an important point.

If you look at Bav or Beneteau or Jeanneau there are a lot of boats from Charter Companies for sale which makes it more difficult to get a good price. About the sails: The North-Sails from Hanse are not so bad. If you don't want to use them, you get hardly any money back from them.

That's why I took my self tacking jib from Hanse and although I don't want to use it. Now I'm going to sell it. Ralf-T, thats me. Yes I had some experiences with Bavaria but I signed a contract in which I promised to keep in silence in the public.

But in private chats its no problem to inform. So, if anyone needs informationHave you ever wondered what brands and models are the most popular bluewater cruising boats? No longer, it seems, does the aspiring bluewater cruiser seek out slow, heavy-displacement boats with tiny cockpits and conservative rigs. As the mass-market builders produced ever-bigger models over the last 20 years, and evolving technology improved their engineering and durability, so owners began using these boats for ever-longer passages.

Armchair admirals and chat-room bores may warn dolorously of lightweight structures failing in big seas and rigs crumpling at the merest hint of a hurricane, but given good preparation and a capable crew, the typical production boat is quite capable of surviving some very nasty conditions.

For the trade wind passages that make up the bulk of bluewater cruising, there should be no argument about whether a suitably prepared production boat will make it across an ocean.

Hanse vs french sailboats

The following boats were the 12 most numerous in the last five years of WCC rallies and do not represent a definitive list of the most popular cruisers worldwide. Some will surprise you; others will not.

What is it about this design that makes it such an attractive bluewater boat? Conceived as an all-round performance cruiser, the 54DS obviously struck a chord with the passagemaking crowd. The eye-catching, swooping lines of its superstructure were quite a sensation during its debut inbut its blend of generous accommodations, solid build quality and powerful, predictable performance sealed the deal for many owners.

Overview of common strategies for parallelizaeon

Designed by Jacques Fauroux, the 54DS came with a deep-draft keel and a standard in-mast furling mainsail; an optional full-battened main was the choice of most long-distance cruisers. For a boat focused on the needs of the lucrative charter market, the Sun Odyssey 49 has proved a remarkably adept bluewater cruiser.

The twin aft cabins are divided by a removable bulkhead that converts the space into a vast single cabin. Henri Amel was a man with a vision of what the ideal cruising boat should be, and the Super Maramu was its culmination. Designed to be handled by a couple, its ketch rig is docile yet effective, with sails set on electric furling gears and some ingenious sail handling systems.

Nearly of these boats were built before Amel replaced it with the The 42F is typical of the breed; designed by German Frers, its build quality is exemplary and its seakeeping abilities are almost beyond reproach. There are two versions of the one designed by Olle Enderlein and built from ; and the 42F, which was built between These boats are fourth and fifth in the numbers of rally entrants.

Changes to the interior layout reflected evolving expectations of comfort and use of space, while new styling on deck brought a thoroughly contemporary look to the design. Just add crew…. The Hylas 54 is a common sight in the Caribbean The hull is strongly built and easily driven by the masthead sloop sailplan—mile days are easily attainable—and the deck layout is a model of ergonomic efficiency.

hanse vs beneteau

Belowdecks, no two boats are the same, as the builders allow for a good deal of flexibility in layout and finish. An RS Raised Saloon version adds to the already generous interior volume.

The new Hylas 56 is based on the same sleek hull. Owners cite excellent seakeeping and ease of handling. The Farr-designed hull was fast and pretty, the center-cockpit layout eminently practical in a boat of this size, and the quality of finish and systems were impressive—and the price was extremely competitive.

In the ranks of dream bluewater cruisers, Oyster is right up there. Every aspect of the design and build is top-notch, and the boats consistently win their class in rallies and other regattas where cruising boats can compete. While sailhandling systems are optimized for a small crew, there are comfortable accommodations for six. The Lagoon remains a popular choice among bluewater sailors.

More Lagoons than any other brand of catamaran have crossed the Atlantic with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, and more s have taken part than any other Lagoon. Between the saloon, the vast cockpit, the wide trampoline forward and the flybridge, there is plenty of opportunity for crew to either get some private time on passage or to congregate for meals or socializing in harbor.

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